Vidiot World decentralized social media platform and eco-system

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What is Vidiot World?

We are a decentralized eco-system, using Vidiot token Vido, deployed on Binance BNB smart chain explorer.
Utilizing low latency with faster speeds required for all Vidiot World transactions.
Our eco-system is creating platforms with the goal to generate income for all users.
Social Media App, News, Freelance, NFTs and Merch.

Why Vidiot?

Vidiot World App
Users of the social media app can be creative with their content, and capture the attention of their audience while building a following. The app has the ability to send and receive gifts and donations.
Vidiot World NFTs are currently in development stages. These NFTs will be some of the most unique characters available. Royalties will go towards NFT traits such as earrings, watches, necklaces and clothing, taking them from the metaverse and turning them into real life products.
Financial Gains
In-app economy, NFT staking pools, Holding Vido reflections in BNB, trading NFTs on market places, all ecosystem platforms created by Vidiot World that generate money will benefit all NFT and token holders with buy back and burns.

Vidiot World Quick veiw

Crypto News

Social Media App

  • Be a creator, with our Social media app, gain an audience and start receiving gifts, Living streaming in app messaging and many more.

    Coming Soon !
  • Receive gifts, this will unlock the power of Vido cryptocurrency, allowing you the creator to earn donations.

    Coming Soon !
  • Bring your Ideas to life with our in app filters, special AI effects coming soon, go on what are you waiting for.

    Coming Soon !
  • Your Vidiot World Wallet will be implemented right into your profile. You can see the history of transactions and can also check payments received and by who.

    Coming Soon !
  • Stake our NFTs and receive, BNB, and special status of NFT holder in app

    Coming Soon !
  • Royalty free music to add that dramatic edge you desire

    Coming Soon !

Road map

Our Strategy & Project Plan

Phase One

Phase Two

Phase Three



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How to buy?

Binance coin BNB is a decentralized platform that can be thought of as the “blockchain for blockchains.” The system operates on its own blockchain but has the capability of aggregating other cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols onto its network. Binance bnb is seen as an Ethereum alternative, and with Ethereum’s ever-growing transaction fees, the BNB token has risen significantly in value.

BNB is the native cryptocurrency on the platform and it’s used for payments, rewards, and governance on the Binance coin. The platform seeks to digitize any type of asset on its blockchains, such as other crypto assets, stocks, art and commodities.